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My Car Story

My artwork and pencils go everywhere with me!

What's A Nice Girl Like You Doing With All These Cars?

I never intended to be an automobile artist; rather I had been actively studying portrait painting when the cars showed up in my life.
For nearly 20 years, I taught art as an elective class to all students at my tiny high school in the Northern California Foothills.  I had an interest in art, certainly, but no official training or coursework. Over the years, I learned how to teach, create and think like an artist...and my students did as well.
One year, I had mostly boys in my art class and I wanted a project they would like as well as one which I could use my newfound favorite medium (colored pencils) with.  Well, boys like cars, right? So, I bought a couple of used classic car books, and everyone, including me,  created a cropping of a car in colored pencil.
I grew up in the California Central Valley town of Modesto; the hometown  of George Lucas (American Graffiti), so cars were pretty much a  big thing there. I really didn't notice or care about cars in any way...until my own car cropping project was done.  
It was at that moment, when I looked at my finished car, that I really noticed all the elements and principles of art were present in these cars.  Color, line, form, style...and
so on.  I was hooked. .                           All Tricked Out, 2005. My first Colored Pencil Car.



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