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Colored Pencils

I've seen many reactions of disbelief when I inform someone that my artwork is created with colored pencils.  A jaw dropping stare, a double-take, and leaning into the art are common reactions from people seeing my artwork for the first time. Colored Pencils? That's not oil painting? Watercolor?  No...just the humble colored pencil, used by artists for decades as a sketching tool. That is until some artists in the late 1970's-early 1980's began gaining expertise using colored pencil as a fine art medium.  

So, I have benefited by earlier artists' experimentation, dedication and refinement to the use of this fabulous tool.  I have worked in numerous mediums, art styles, techniques and absolutely love painting...but colored pencils are magical in what they can do, and how they do it. And the cars that I lovingly portray in my artwork, deserve  attention to the tiniest detail that only colored pencils can do.  

                 Detail of Suddenly it's 1960!

         Detail of PINCHED PENNY, original Colored Pencil Painting. 


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